Supercut of 90’s Disney animated films

Right in the nostalgia.


Kingsman: The Secret Service

Colin Firth as a gentleman spy? Yes please. Kingsman: The Secret Service is just awesome, combining great actors, fine suits, comedy, and over-the-top-violent fight scenes. It’s James Bond meets Kick-Ass (basically the only kind of James Bond film I’d be interested in seeing from this point on).

Watch the trailer again and then go see it in theaters immediately.


For the love of Sriracha

A history and behind the scenes look at Huy Fong’s famous rooster sauce.

I love sriracha. Sometimes I decide what to eat based on what I can add sriracha to. If you’re like me, you definitely need these portable, refillable Sriracha 2 Go bottles. Never get stranded eating a meal without your favorite condiment.


Kitchen items that look like food

I’m not much of a cook, but I love these kitchen accessories that look like food. They could make being in the kitchen so much more fun.

Sauced Up ravioli spoon rest – $8

Pickled bottle stopper – $9

The Cooks Carrot whisk – $15

Ham N Eggs potholder and pan scraper – $15

Swiss dish party plates – $15

Lemon tea infuser – $10

Ceramic ice cream cone – $11.95

Splash spoon rest – £8.00

Splash lid holder – £6.00

Banana bowl – $245

Avocado salt and pepper shakers – $45


Adam Brault

“They say energy cannot be created or destroyed. Encouragement gives physics the finger.”


Making of The LEGO Movie

Some more animation goodness. Everything is awesome in this video showing the process behind The LEGO Movie. Creating the realistically miniature world was all about attention to detail. I especially love how it’s computer animation, but feels like stop-motion.


Into the Woods

Last week I finally saw Into the Woods and although I’m a huge fan of musicals and classic fairy tales, I didn’t love it. It was charming and funny at parts, but I suspect it works much better on stage than on film.

Anna Kendrick and Emily Blunt are as lovely as can be, Meryl Streep is excellent as always, but Johnny Depp is borderline annoying as the Wolf, a creepy child predator.

As much as I wish it were the songs, the true highlight of the film is the costume design. The clothing, especially worn by the women, is truly stunning. Just look at those dresses!



This is gorgeous. Instagram video by the talented Connor McSheffrey. You’ll want to follow his Instagram.

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The Boxtrolls Time Lapse

I’ve previously posted the trailer for the Laika stop-motion animated film The Boxtrolls (watch it here, it’s amazing). Now watch this short time lapse that shows a small fraction of the work involved with putting a film like this together. Impressive to watch and still so charming.