Weird Looking Actors Who Are Surprisingly Attractive

It is not uncommon to find film and television stars, viewed by many as sexy leading men, who are just kind of, well, weird looking. Some features might be disproportionate, they might be rail thin or oddly shaped, or there could be some indescribable thing that’s just off. Whether it be personality, humor, or that special spark, these 8 actors have plenty of women in a tizzy over their interesting looks.

Elijah Wood
Everyone’s favorite hobbit, Elijah Wood has giant blue eyes, pale skin, and the ability to continuously look 15 years old. He’s small in stature and, regardless of additional facial hair, has an effeminate quality. No matter, women still love him, with or without the hobbit ears.

Simon Pegg
An English ginger with a funny looking face but even funnier personality. He forces us to fall in love with him and his characters, even when they’re being particularly snarky or inappropriate. He’s reprising his role in the Star Trek sequel, giving fans and non-geeks alike reason to say “Beam me up, Scotty!”

Stephen Merchant
Best known as Ricky Gervais’s other half, Merchant co-created and co-directed The Office and Extras. Although his Extras character Darren Lamb is borderline worthless and pathetic, you can’t help but find him genuine and of course hilarious. He’s crazy tall (6’7″) and thin, with big eyes and a big smile. What’s not to love?

Sam Rockwell
Sam Rockwell is definitely not the typical Hollywood heartthrob. He’s kind of scrawny and a little creepy. Plus, just about every character he plays is some high level of crazy. The one thing you can’t deny, though: this dude has talent. He transforms into any character and even carried an entire film completely on his own in Moon.

Dominic Monaghan
Dom made it easy to fall in love with him, most famously playing loyal hobbit Merry in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and sweet, reformed rocker Charlie on Lost. He even wooed the beautiful Evangeline Lilly. While the English accent helps a ton, women still must look past those huge ears. But really, he’s absolutely hilarious (see his prank interview with Elijah Wood here) and we all just want someone to make us laugh.

Owen Wilson
That nose! How can you ignore it? I guess it’s when the nose graces the face of a talented and witty Wilson brother. While Luke was definitely blessed with the looks, Owen was blessed with the charm. He has an underdog quality that keeps people cheering for him.

Andy Samberg
Every lady loves a man who can sing. I bet none of us thought we’d fall for a guy singing songs like “I Just Had Sex” and “I’m On A Boat”. Andy Samberg, curly haired and gap-toothed, keeps us laughing with every new venture he takes. He even kept our love in a leotard and heels, performing the “Single Ladies” dance on SNL.

Jay Baruchel
As tall and skinny as they come, you’d think Jay Baruchel was destined to play the nerdy supporting friend in every film. He proved us wrong as the leading man in She’s Out of My League, an incredibly underrated comedy where he wins the affections of the beautiful Alice Eve. He’s sarcastic and self-depracating, but comes off as endearing and honest.

4 thoughts on “Weird Looking Actors Who Are Surprisingly Attractive

  1. Oh, thank you, this really was funny, especially the link to the video with Monaghan interviewing Woods. I am very impressed with Monaghan’s “flawless” German accent 🙂 And also with Woods’ excellent sartorial choice of a yellow shirt w/ wildly clashing necktie.

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