Are Manners Offensive?

Every Sunday I enjoy looking at the new secrets from the PostSecret blog. Today I saw this secret that annoyed me quite a bit.

I know a lot of women, especially those around the 30 year age range, like to say, “Don’t call me Ma’am, it makes me feel old.” What they fail to recognize, is that Ma’am is short for Madam and is the female equivalent of Sir. I can’t possibly imagine a grown man feeling offended when being called Sir. The person behind the counter was being polite and, in my opinion, there just isn’t enough of that these days, especially with young people.

It also sparked the memory of Barbara Boxer, Senator from California, who so embarrassingly requested to be called Senator instead of Ma’am by a General in the United States Military. Not only does she need a lesson in manners, but also in humility.

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