(500) Days of Summer

This weekend we went to see (500) Days of Summer. I had heard several excellent reviews and was very excited. After viewing it, however, I was left with mixed emotions. It had all the qualities of a film I would love: unique points of view, whimsical soundtrack, beautifully designed interiors, and two charming and talented stars. I couldn’t help but find the character of Summer to be irritating and cowardly. She is a quirky girl who doesn’t believe in putting labels on relationships. Unfortunately, she does not use this freedom from relationship dogma to truly understand and nourish the connection she has with Tom. This portrayal of unrequited love is especially truthful, as many people believe that saying, “we’re just friends” eliminates all guilt or responsibility towards the feelings of said “friend.” Had the character of Summer been played by anyone less charismatic as Zooey Deschanel, the film would have been much more difficult to enjoy. Despite this, it was an interesting and playful twist on the modern love story. Especially wonderful was Geoffrey Arend as Tom’s friend McKenzie and Chloe Moretz as his little sister Rachel.

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