Boo Oscars

Six reasons I do not watch the Oscars anymore.

  1. Crash won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2005.
  2. Three 6 Mafia won an Oscar for Best Original Song in 2005.
  3. It is much too long.
  4. It is boring.
  5. Films that are truly entertaining, funny, or endearing are overshadowed by films with “critical acclaim”.
  6. Acceptance speeches are seen as opportunities for political or social messages, rather than for gratitude and humility.

When I was younger, the Best Picture category was reserved for the very best: films that would resonate with audiences for years to come. I saw Schindler’s List, Forrest Gump, and Braveheart win the award and earn both critics’ and fans’ support. The last few Best Picture winners have been Crash, the Departed, and No Country For Old Men. I truthfully regret seeing all three of these movies and promise to never see them again. At least for me, the honor of winning a Best Picture Oscar has been completely lost.

Here are a couple results I would have liked:

Best Picture: The Dark Knight
Best Actor: Clint Eastwood, Gran Torino
Best Original Song: “Dracula’s Lament”, Forgetting Sarah Marshall (lolz)

Also, the Razzie for Worst Film of the Year went to The Love Guru. Clearly not enough Razzie voters saw 88 Minutes!

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